Top 5 airplane toys for toddlers

Looking for airplane toys for your little pilot? Now can you can stop searching. Here I got you covered a shortlist of the safest and best value airplane toys for toddlers. It will be fun watching them hold the toy plane running at the house and pretend to take off and land. Continue to read and find the best airplane toys to spark your kid’s imagination.

Battat Take-Apart Airplane

Take-Apart Airplane with 3 bits and 1 drill

If your little one likes airplane and take things apart and put them back together. This Take- Apart Airplane is the perfect gift for him.

It comes with a battery-powered drill and 3 bits, and the airplane can take apart in 21 parts. Kids will love to pretend to be an aircraft maintenance engineers to check and fix the plane.

The toy drill fits the tiny hands and easy to use. It works like the real screwdriver, turning in two different directions to loosen and tighten connectors.

The chunky pieces are made from durable and safe material, they easy for small hands to grab. It is fun and educational toys for kids ages three and up.

Why Recommend Battat Take-Apart Airplane:

  • It is a building airplane toy for kids to take apart and rebuild again and again. Great for promoting hands-on ability and fine motor skills.
  • Comes with a working toy drill, adding more fun.
  • The bits to fit the toy airplane’s various connectors, helping teach children pattern matching and mechanical skills.
  • The pieces are child-friendly size.
  • It is engineered from strong, durable material.
  • Encourage kids to role-play as an engineer or pilot, which is helpful for their development is many ways.

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Tuko Transport Cargo Airplane

Tuko Transport Cargo Airplane with mini cars

Cars, helicopter, and planes are combined together, is that awesome? The Tuko Transport Cargo Airplane will not only fun but exciting for your toddler. It is great for kids who are obsessed with cars and also wanted a plane.

This Airplane toys come 4 mini-vehicles and a helicopter,  which can be loaded in the transport cargo airplane cabin. Kids can create their own city base!

The cargo door can be opened and close, and with a ramp to get the vehicles in and out, and there is also a helicopter parking pad.

Push the friction powered transport cargo airplane,  it can be rolled on their own for a long distance on flat surfaces. The airplane measures 14.7 x 7.8 x 4 inches.

Why Recommend Tuko Transport Cargo Airplane:

  • Vehicles, helicopter, and plane combination.
  • Provides your toddler with hours of interactive fun play.
  • Made high-quality Non-toxic ABS material, durable for kids to play.
  • With the decent size and the perfect weight for little hands to play with ease.
  • Great toy set for kids to play alone or share with friends or siblings.
  • It is easy to assemble.

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LEGO DUPLO Town Airport 10871 Building Blocks

LEGO DUPLO Town Airport 10871 Building Blocks

The LEGO DUPLO Town Airport Building Set will be a hit for toddlers who loves LEGO and airplanes. It is designed for kids ages 2 to 5 years.

It contains 29 pieces of large and durable building blocks and accessories. With luggage slide, suitcase, boarding gate, and revolving air traffic control tower,  a buildable airplane toy, and 3 modern characters, provides loads of opportunity for your toddlers to role play.

The plane measures  3-inch high, 7-inch long and 6-inch wide, and toddlers can put the pilot character and passengers inside the plane for more realistic fun.

Why Recommend LEGO DUPLO Town Airport Playset:

  • Comes with nice pieces for kids to explore stories about traveling on a real plane.
  • Large and durable pieces for toddler’s hands to hold and put in place.
  • It is easy for toddlers to assemble.
  • Encourage kids to build fine motor skills, coordination, and building skills.

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Green Toys Seaplane

Green Toys Seaplane in Green Color

Green Toys Inc. specializes in making children’s playthings made from 100% recycled materials. The toys they produced are safe for children to play, BPA and phthalates free.

This Green Toys Seaplane is loved by many parents and their kids. It features a cheerful, colorful design that will appeal to young children easily.

Kids will love the spinning propeller, rounded wings, and thick, oversized pontoons. Kids can also place a small figure in the cockpit which increases more pretend fun.

The Seaplane can float in water, kids can play with it in the bathtub or pool.

Why Recommend Green Toys Seaplane:

  • Made from 100-Percent Recycled Plastic.
  • Fun, Interactive toy Ideal for Bath Time or Pool Play.
  • Feature vibrant colours and endearing, cartoonish look.
  • It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Designed to withstand rough play.
  • It will help young captains to easily navigate to air and water.

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Mickey Mouse Plane Ride-On Toy

Mickey Mouse Plane Ride-On Toy in red and yellow color

If your toddler likes Mickey Mouse and loves the airplane toy with lights and sounds, check out the Mickey Mouse Plane Ride-On Toy.

You little pilot can press the different buttons in the cockpit to fire up the plane, play different sounds, hear various phrases from Mickey or make braking noises.

Kids will love watching the propeller spin when pressing the controls. The propellers are made from soft foam to protect kids from getting hurt.

With a multi-directional extra front wheel, kids can ride on the Mickey Mouse Plane and move in any direction. When finish playing, fold up the wings for easy storage.

Why Recommend Mickey Mouse Plane Ride-On Toy:

  • Kids will like the cute looking of the Mickey Mouse Plane
  • Makes fun sounds and lights up, making play more realistic.
  • The soft propeller is a hit for little kids, it can spin with light-up patterns.
  • With rear bumper prevents the ride-on from tipping backward while in use.
  • Easy for young kids to get on and ride.
  • Parents love it comes pre-assembled.

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  1. Hi Lena,
    Why kids only? You lay out your reviews so beautifully that I am sure, adults too feel like buying these toys.
    I find all your articles well researched and tthorough.
    I loved the Battat Take-Apart Airplane. Its just so cute, i could eat it!
    Thanks for a lovely article as usual. My kids love your website.

    • Thank you Aparna, Choose toys for toddlers should be more careful, So I would do the research thoroughly before recommending them. Glad you like the toys:)I like the Battat Take-Apart Airplane too, It is a great toy to keep kids busy and help them develop fine motor skills.

  2. Hey,

    I’m really pleased that I came across this article as my friends have two toddlers who would love these toys. It is one of their birthday’s soon so I will buy them one, and I’ll let you know what one I choose.

    I will let you know what the toddler thinks too, and what his parents (my friends) think.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

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  3. I love the Micky Mouse plane ride on toy which can be gifted or bought for your own child. It practical and easy/safe to use in a day to day life. This would be highly effective in developing the child’s fine and gross motor skills.
    I also really like the cargo airplane. This is a full on package with so many different types of vehicle for your child to play and share with other children. Through this package they will also be leaning the names of all the different items that come with the cargo airplane.

    Thank you for this amazing post with the toy airplane toy recommendation for toddlers.


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