Best beach toys for toddlers 2021

Spending time on the beach with your kids can be a blast during the hot summer. but don’t forget to bring your kid’s favorite beach toys, which can make the beach time more entertained. If you are looking for the best beach toys for toddlers, here you can find the best option. I know it hard to choose the right one since there is a myriad list of options on the market. But I have done the hard work for you, the repeated sifted have brought the following list of the top beach toys that can bring so much fun for kids and you.

All beach toys I chose are based on the followed rules:

  • Family fun/interactive – Spend beach time with kids is a great way to build parent-child connection. The best beach toys can be fun for the entire family.
  • Portable – The beach toys I sifted are easy to carry on the go.
  • Easy to clean– After a long day at the beach, the toys are filled with sand and get wet, and will lead to mildew or mold if not properly clean and dried out.
  • Safe/age-appropriate – It is important to choose the toys that are child-friendly, especially for the toddlers, with no sharp edge, no small parts.
  • Durability– I don’t want you to waste money to buy a poor quality toy, and I also know that if the toys break easily might make kids throw tantrums.
  • Budget – Make sure you buy the best beach toys at the best price.

Continue to read below and check the top beach toys.

Click N Play 18Piece Beach Sand Toy Set


With 18 pieces of different sand toy pack in a backpack style mesh bag, This Click N Play 18Piece Beach Sand Toy Set is great for the beach trip or a backyard trip to the sandbox.

The set contains everything your little one needs for the beach creative play. Like bucket, shovels, rakes, water can, varies of sand molds. All the items are made of BPA free material, and with the right size for small hands to manipulate.

 Why Recommend the Click N Play 18Piece Beach Sand Toy Set

  • Comes with different types of beach toys to keep kids busy at the beach.
  • The mesh bag is very helpful for carrying and shaking all the dirt/sand off.
  • Made of safe material and easy to clean, perfect for toddler beach trip.
  • Nice price for everything you get.

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Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cupcake Set

Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cupcake Set

This beach cupcake set is a hit for those kids who like baking game. The cupcake molds and topper encourage your kids to use their imagination to create different types of cupcakes, turns the beach or sandbox into an outdoor bake shop!

This playset is great for kids to use independently or share with their friends, it is a great interactive toy for children.

Feature classic design makes it never to get old, and it is durable that can last for years.

Why Recommend Melissa & Doug Beach Cupcake Playset

  • Adorable appearance makes it appealing for kids.
  • Easy to handle and clean for young kids.
  • Good quality.
  • Encourage pretend play, stimulate kids’ imagination.
  • Comes with a Mesh Storage Bag

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SandCastle Building Kit

4 packs Sand Castle Building Kit-pink blue yellow orange

It is a fun thing to build sandcastles with kids at the beach. This SandCastle Building Kit will add more excitement for your family beach trip.

The set includes 4 different sand pail molds, each features vibrant bright color: pink, blue, green, and yellow. Each pail size is 8 inches tall, made from hard BPA free plastic which is molding release easily.   kids can form several real looking castles with different buckets easily. Kids can also use it to get water as it with handle.

The 4 sand pail molds can stack up just like a single bucket making it easier for storage and transportation.

Why Recommend the SandCastle Building Kit

  • Good quality that can last for years.
  • Makes it easy to build sandcastles.
  • With handles and easy to carry.
  • Bright colors and easy to molds.
  • Great summer toy for boys and girls to play with at the beach or in the sandbox.

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TOMY John Deere Sandbox Vehicle

John Deere Sandbox Vehicle-2 pieces

Feature durable plastic construction and child-friendly designs, The John Deere vehicle pack is perfect for toddler to play at beach or sandbox.

The vehicle pack includes a dump truck and a tractor which both with movable functional parts and outfitted in the popular John Deere Green and yellow color scheme.  It is great interactive toys for toddlers, and encourage the kids’ role-playing.

Why Recommend TOMY John Deere Sandbox Vehicle:

  • Durable plastic construction.
  • Free Rolling Wheels.
  • Fully-functional parts including a moving dump bed and front loader.
  • Perfect for sandbox and beach play.
  • Ideal for small hands to function and maneuver.
  • Realist looking, great for imaginative play.

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Water Blaster Soaker Gun

Water Blaster Soaker Gun-4 pieces

This Water Blaster Soaker Gun Set includes 4 foam guns that can get your family involved and enjoy great water fights at the beach. The guns are very lightweight and easy to use for toddlers, simply pull up the water with the handle, aim, and squirt.

The handle of the foams guns are cute animals, toddlers will love it. The gun size is 14” long, it is ideal to take on vacation, to the water park, camping, the swimming pool, the beach, or use with a bucket in the yard.

Why Recommend Water Blaster Soaker Gun:

  • Safe and easy for toddlers to play.
  • Adorable animal handles.
  • Comes with 4 pieces of guns for kids to play with family or friends.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Help develop toddlers’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Fun outdoor water toys for toddlers

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Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings

Kid's Flying Rings-2 pieces-blue yellow

If you are looking for a fun and easy way for your family to enjoy hours of outdoor fun at the beach, the Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings won’t let you down. Feature easy-to-catch and throw design, this flying rings is ideal for players of all ages and skill levels.

One of the remarkable features of this flying disc is very lightweight, weighing only 1.2 ounces (33g). It is 80% lighter than standard flying discs,  which means it won’t hurt whether you catch one in your hand, on your foot or in your noggin. It is safe for kids to play.

Activ Flyers can float in water which allows you to play on a sandy beach or in the water.

Size: outside diameter is 9 5/8″

Why Recommend Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings

  • 80% lighter than normal flying discs.
  • Safer and more comfortable to catch,
  • Ideal for small hands to catch and throw.
  • Easier to throw straight and float on water.
  • Soar up to 80 feet on calm days and indoors.
  • Fun for children and adults of all ages to enjoy.
  • Encourage kids to exercise and great for developing kid’s gross motor skills and hands flexibility.
  • Portable.

The set includes 2 flying discs. Click Here to Buy On Amazon

Hape Beach Basics Sand Toy Set

Basics Sand Toy Set- a bucket, shovel, sieve, and rake,

The Hape Beach Basics set doesn’t come with too many plastic toys, but it includes the basic tool kit for kids who love to play in the sand, includes a bucket, shovel, sieve, and rake, all feature vibrant colors.

The Tools are made of non-toxic hard plastic that doesn’t bend even you dig hard into packed wet sand of dirt.  With smooth finishes and no sharp edges, which are safe for toddlers.

Why Recommend Hape Beach Basics Sand Toy Set

  • Child-safe paint finish and solid construction.
  • Perfect size for small hands.
  • Not only use at the beach but ideal for gardening.
  • These essential tools will make beach-combing or sandcastle-building a breeze.

Most of the reviewers said they were surprised at the good quality of this Beach Basics set and it is at a good price. Now click to buy.

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  1. Thank you for your post. I’m looking for some birthday gifts for my friend’s daughter, It’s awesome and looks attractive! Especially the “Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cupcake Set”, I’m sure little girl like her will love it, because she likes to eat and she loves cupcakes too. It’s also a good way to let her know the ideal how it is, and she can play and produce it for us during our visits heheh.

    “Click N Play 18Piece Beach Sand Toy Set” is a good deal too, it has 18 pieces sand toys and kids can play whatever they want for long time, so they will not bother us a lot in beach, or at home garden. Safe materials and convenience are the points, because we want our kids to play safe, so that toys will not harm them during playing it, and easy to shake off dirts.

    • Hi Ling, Thank you for your comment. If the girl likes cupcakes, the Sand Cupcake Set will be an adorable gift for her.:) It can be used both indoor and outdoor.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you to make the list of the top beach toys that can bring so much fun for me and the others 🙂
    It’s very interesting, I will check it out and click-click!
    Have a nice day.

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  3. This is such a good listing, I love each piece you chose. I do not have grandchildren yet, but have an adorable brother -sister pair in neighbourhood whom I often buy some little presents, toys, colouring books, puzzles…
    They are going for a holiday in two weeks, to the seaside, I’m sure the kids would be happy to have any of these with them there.
    I remember we used to love building sand castles, so I might choose the buckets for the boy (or perhaps rather the John Deer?) and the cupcake set for the girl.
    Thanks for presenting these.


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