Indoor Climbers For Toddlers-Top Picks

Climbing is another milestone for your toddler development. They learn how to control their body movements and start trying to pull themselves up onto the furniture. Climbing allows the young child to build their physical strength and develop gross motor skills, though it can be hard behavior for parents to manage. Some indoor climbers provide a great chance for toddlers to satisfy their adventurous spirit and flex their muscles. Some of the links within this post are affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items

Tips on choosing indoor climbers for toddlers

  1. Materials

There are mainly three kinds of material on the market: Wooden, Plastic, Foam. The wood climbing playset is natural and durable, but it may not suitable for clumsy young children as it is hard. And also remember to avoid harmful paints. Foam climbing blocks is soft yet firm enough to support toddlers’ weight. Plastic climbing toys featuring soft, rounded corners, easy to assemble and clean that makes for perfect indoor climbers for toddlers.

  1. Size

Check the size before you purchase an indoor climbing playset, and make sure it will not be too high, as toddlers are often unaware of the dangers involved in reaching new heights.

Top picks of indoor climbers for toddlers


#1 Soft Foam Stairs and Ramp Climber indoor climbers for toddlers-Foam Climber size

Brand: Milliard

Recommended age: Early walker

Price Range: Under US$80

Rate: 4.6 star

The soft blocks provide a safe way for the early walker to boost motor development by climbing, sliding and crawling.  The blocks are made of firm polyurethane foam and covered with Vinyl which is water-resistant and easy to clean. Without any sharp corners and less than a foot high, So don’t worry your kids will get hurt when sliding down or goes up and down the stairs.

Featuring velcro strips, 2 blocks can be connected or separated. But the strips is attached at the bottom of the blocks. So some people are confused about how to use the stips. Actually it also comes a patch of opposite Velcro, uses it stick on the bottom strips of 2 blocks so they can be connected(As follow pic shows). Strips on the bottom can make the blocks not slip on the floor, but I think if they add one more strip on the sides of the two pieces will be better though most of the review says 2 blocks can stay together fairly well.

Miliard Foam Climber Buttom

Weight 10.45 pounds, It is light and portable to transfer from room to room, And it won’t take much place of your room as you can fold in half for storage. Many reviewers said their baby and toddler have a lot of fun with it.  For the baby who learned to walk can crawl up on it and stand up with it. Though it is only with 2 pieces, it will be enough for the early walkers to increase physical activity. Compared with the other items, It is worthy to have one at home for its nice price and durability.


  • Perfect size
  • Easy to clean
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Soft and safe material
  • Good for motor development


  • Underneath Velcro

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 #2 Monkey Bars Climbing Tower 

Brand: Eezy Peezyindoor climbers for toddlers-Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

Recommended age: Age 3+

Price Range: Under US$150

Rate: 4.5 star

The Monkey Bars Climbing Tower will be a hit for active toddlers. The tower is simply created by plastic tubes and connectors and with the special interlocking and double self-locking springs designs, it is sturdy enough to load the weight of 150lbs. Another selling point of this climbing tower is the high-quality plastic enhanced with UV protection, which ensures a long-lasting lifetime of the product even put it outdoor with the sun.

Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Cilmber Connector

After assembled, the climbing tower size at 70. 07 x 65. 53 x 46. 65 (inches). It will be not too high and ensure the safety of toddlers while also provide endless fun for elder kids. If you worry the little monkey will get hurt in case of falling down, you can also put some pillows or a ball pit as other parents did.

Though the seller claims that it is easy to assemble, according to most of the reviewers ‘it is a hit for toddlers but a pain for parents’. Because pins on the connectors are stiff and hard to push down to get the tubes on and can lead to pinched fingers. And it can take a few hours to get it to assemble if you ate not good at assembly. But don’t give up, use a small screwdriver to help you click the joints together and follow the instruction, you can get it right.

All in all, The Monkey Bars Climbing Tower will be a great indoor climber for toddlers and keep them entertained for hours. It helps with strength and coordination.


  • Ideal size for smaller kids
  • High-quality plastic pipes with UV-protected
  • Simple design yet sturdy
  • Lightweight can use for indoor and outdoor fun
  • Helps build strength and coordination


  • Buttons on the connectors are hard to push
  • Requires a flat head screwdriver for assembly

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#3 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide

Brand: Step 2indoor climbers for toddlers-step2 sports climber

Recommended age: Age 2-4

Price Range: Under US$150

Rate: 4.5 star

Featuring multiple functions, The Step 2 Climber is an ideal playset for engaging social play with multiple toddlers. With an easy climb stair, a basketball hoop, smooth slide, and crawl-thru space provide toddlers tons of physical play. Made of high-quality plastic, it lightweight yet sturdy enough. Compared with the Monkey Bars Climbing Tower, it is easier to assemble.


  • Made with a 4-in-1 design
  • Comes with multi-purpose ball
  • Made to be used indoors or outdoors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smooth surface


  • The basketball hoop is small

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Which climber will you choose for your toddlers? Share them in the section below.

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