7 Drawing toys for toddlers-Spark creativity, Mess free

I believe many parents have the experience that your toddler drawing everywhere at the house, create a mess in the room with markers or crayons, some times that will drive us crazy, cause the marks are very difficult to remove. But the most important thing I think you care about is the marker, crayons, paint is nor safe for your kids.

But drawing is the way for kids to express themselves visually. So please don’t stop them for painting instead we should encourage them to draw. It is a very good opportunity for parents to learn about your child and communicate with them better. But I don’t mean encourage your kids to leave pieces of “art” on your fridge or the wall. Drawing, mess-free, safety can be the same way, read below the list of Drawing toys for toddlers you can find your best option to feed your little one creative impulses.(Note: Some of the links within this post are affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items)

1. Water Drawing Mat-A real magic drawing toys for toddlers

2 kids drawing on the aqual doodle mat

Try to keep your kids busy when you are in the kitchen, doing the household, This Aqua Magic Doodle mat maybe can help you. Why call it magic? Because you only fill the pen with water your toddler can create their imagination drawing anything on the mat. The marks will magically disappear after a few minutes so your kids can have fun on it again and again. The mat is made of High-quality Non-woven fabric, water-proof. Give your child a mess-free, safe entertainment time.


1. Comes with full accessories, Magic Brush, Pen, Drawing template, Stencils, Drawing booklet. Help toddlers to know better of different shapes, inspire their imagination hand-eye coordination.

2. The mat will come out 6 colors, improve kids color perception ability

3. Large size mat for your little artist’s imagination to go wild with their friends. Parents can also draw with kids, it is helpful for cultivating a more intimate parent-child relationship.

4. Fordable and lightweight, can be used indoor or outdoor


Some buyers complain it is hard to the get pen’s cap off to fill the water.

Size:34.5 x 22.4 x 0.4 inches

Brand: Betheeaces

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2. Magnetic Drawing Board- A Fun Way to Develop Creativity and Writing Skills

Magnetic Drawing Board

It takes me a few hours to research the magnetic drawing board, If looking for strong and durable drawing board, I will recommend Chuchik drawing board. It is made of the double layer of high-quality plastic so it means it will not break easily. Instead of normal black color, there are 4 colors underneath and with 4 different shape stamps bring your toddlers more fun.


1. Smooth surface, make it easier to draw detailed drawings
2. Come with travel Size Doodle Sketch Board, easily take to a car or put in a bag when you are out.
3. The magnetic stamp can be taken in and out easily and won’t fall off when connecting with the board.
It can also contribute to the development of the child’s motoric abilities and imagination when kids taking out the magnetic shapes and putting them back into their respectively shaped holders


Some buyers complain about it is hard for the toddlers to pull the erasing wand. And it doesn’t fully erase the magnetic particles from the screen.

Size: 16.1 x 12.5 x 1.9 inches

Brand: Chuchik

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3. Play Color LCD Writing Tablet-Eco-friendly, save the paper from now on

Play Color LCD Writing Tablet

No need to buy a pen, pencil, and paper. This LCD writing toy with four stylus tools that have different tip shapes and sizes can help toddlers create a variety of lines and textures. Writing on the tablet just like on the paper, A great toy to teach kids to grab a pen and can be used on the go to keep your children creative juices flowing.


1. Easy for toddlers to use, Erase the content with the only touch of a button
2. Battery replaceable
3. Smooth writing in rainbow color and in high precision
4. Small, easy to carry.


Price little high, Some buyers said the drawing space is limited

Size: 7.4 x 0.6 x 9.5 inches

Brand: Boogie Board

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4. Doodle Board Book- Cultivates the artistic ability

Colorful Doodle Board Book

Unlock your toddlers’ creative mind with this 12 pages Chalk board book. 1-2 years old is toddlers’ painting sensitive period, this doodle book with the filled mold and free painting help exercise your little one perception of art and hand-eye coordination. It can promote parent-child interaction while you draw together, bring much fun for family time.


1. Forest animal theme, can be drawn with 4 colors, help toddlers to learn different animals and develop color perception

2. Waterproof material, which is also easy to clean and wipe with a damp cloth

3. Lightweight and flexible to carry no matter on travel or driving


After cleaning damp cloth you have to wait for it to dry then can drawing again.

Size: 9.6 x 9.2 x 1.1 inches

Brand: Tumama

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5. Peppa Pig Scribbles- The pig is using her powers of influence for good

Peppa Pig Scribbles

Kids are crazy about Peppa Pig and seem that Peppa could probably convince a child to do anything.
This Peppa Pig Doodle Board with 3 stencils, insert one of it into the board and it will recognize them and give playful responses as toddlers drawing or tracing the letters, shapes and Peppa Pig characters. Kids will more be engaged in drawing with Peppa Pig sound. It’s never too early to expose toddlers to language and concepts such as shapes and letters. If you are looking for drawing toys for toddlers as gift this may be a good choice.


1. Nice chunky little tablet size to fit small hands and support developing small muscle skill
2. There is a volume switch, free modes for games and songs,
3. Interactive play, remove the stencils and draw freely,
4. The pen is attached via a string so it will not be lost, easy to grasp


The writing surface is small, there will be no place to write other contents if insert the stencils into the board

Size: 1.6 x 6.3 x 9.8 inches

Brand: VTech

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6. Go-with-Me ABC Backpack – A backpack filled with learning fun

Drawing board backpack

Take this fun backpack, you can get a puzzle (the 26 letters come out) and a drawing toy at the same time.
Letters and animals can show in the LCD screen with sound and fun music setting, help toddlers to spell, write or draw. All pieces store in the backpack, close it and wear it, keep kids entertaining on the go. A great educational toy for toddlers.


1. Develop fine motor skills when toddlers practice taking out and plugging the alphabets pieces into the corresponding letter space
2. Seven learning molds includes introducing letter names and sounds, writing, reading, drawing, and animals
3. Good quality magnetic board and erase well


Some buyers complain about the letters it is hard for small toddlers to take out.
And the backpack may be heavy for some little one.

Size: 2.8 x 12.6 x 9.6 inches

Brand: LeapFrog

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7. Musical Doodle Board-Paint the world with the little finger

musical doodle board

This doodle board with the safe sealed gel surface which can provide your little one the power of creative play. It is with colorful light options, pleasing music can grab the toddler’s attention, help them to stay engaged. When they keep moving the finger to doodle and move the gel around can help for motor skill development. It is also a good choice of those kids who are tactile defensive, with CVI or low vision.


1. Portable, convenient to take everywhere.
2. No markers, crayons, or paints are needed,
3. Music and color are changeable and you can choose to have the music off. Different color can help teach and stimulate young minds


The surface is made of gel so can not draw in detail or write small letters. The gels may get pocketed in the corners, sometimes it’s a little hard to smooth out.

Size: 2 x 13 x 12 inches

Brand: Crayola

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I hope you enjoy this post of drawing toys for toddlers. If you have any questions please leave them below I will be happy to help you out.




11 thoughts on “7 Drawing toys for toddlers-Spark creativity, Mess free”

  1. Great post! I can see these being useful in the classroom too – thinking about those Kindergarten teachers! I love that you have included information on the safety of these products. Thanks for the info 🙂

    • Thanks Sass, when choosing toys, safety is always the first thing we need to consider. And yes, these drawing toys can use in the kindergarten classroom, it will surely bring much fun and cultivate them to learn.

  2. Hey there,

    I love the idea of educating the kids in a fun way.
    That’s the only good and efficient method I think. We all learn more while having fun at the same time.
    You describe some outstanding drawing toys. My personal favourite is the Musical Doodle Board. Looks amazing.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Ooh, I can definitely recommend some of these to my friend! She’s got 2 young boys and I’m sure that giving them a “mess-free” way to have fun would be VERY beneficial. Thanks!

    • Hi Rhonda, Thanks for stopping by. One of the reasons I recommend these toys is that they are mess-free, And at the same time can bring so much fun to the kids.

  4. This is a great post. I am glad I came across it. I have actually already purchased the magnetic drawing board for my daughter in the past., the other 6 on this list are definitely worth considering. I am so spoilt for choice I might end up getting her most of the remaining 6, if not all of them.
    Helping kids to express themselves visually is never a bad idea. Thanks a lot for sharing this post!

    • Thanks Daniel, You are right helping kids to express themselves visually is never a bad idea. And these fun and educational drawing toys will give them the chance for it.


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