10 Benefits of playing board games with preschoolers

Playing board games with your little one may not sound like a fun time for you, but it can be, just with little more patience for them. It is an easy, inexpensive way to keep them occupied, and know that your kids get big benefits out of the activity itself. There are so many great reasons to provide board games for young kids. Listed below are the 10 benefits of playing board games with preschoolers.

Board Games

  • Improve important social skills

Preschool is a time when your child will be expected to connect with other kids, they have the desire to learn how to work and play with other kids. Board games often involve a few kids to play together, and nowadays, the world of board games has changed a lot since you were a kid. Unlike the traditional board games, there are some collaborative board games require preschooler to work together to pursue a common goal instead of competition, which encourages kids to learn about teamwork and builds a sense of empathy.

  • Beneficial for emotional health

Not only adults have stress, so the preschoolers do. They are experiencing a special and exciting time that physical, emotional, and cognitive growth fast, they have to deals with these changes and they are often sensitive to this new world around them, which will cause them to feel stress. Playing board games often bring laughter. Researchers have shown that laughing can increase endorphins, which are the chemicals that bring us the feeling of happiness. When the little one playing board games and share laugher and fun with friends or family, it helps them to release the stress, and build trust with others.

  • Cultivate good manners

If your kid is with low frustration tolerance, it is difficult for them when they losing during the board games. As parents, our goals is guide them to play by the rules and encourage them to improve resilience when things don’t go their way, and learn how to win and lose graciously. And gradually they will build confidence and cultivate good manners that are critical for the development of lifelong learners.

  • Learn to take turns

During the board game, there are plenty of opportunities for the little one to learn to take turns. There are times you can grab the dice, and times you need to wait. You can get act only it’s your turn, playing games can teach preschoolers thing to extend outside of games to real-life like there are appropriate times for everything.

  • Build a sense of connection with family

Playing board games with preschoolers is a great way to strengthen your family bond. It provides a relaxed, fun atmosphere to encourage kids to communicate with parents, and build a sense of security. Study shows that the face-to-face interaction it is beneficial to set the foundation for trust and ultimately, lasting relationships.

  • Develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking

What numbers should I choose, how to move the next step, what will happen if I pick the wrong card. The games encourage kids to learn to develop critical thinking and learn to solve problems independently. These skills can be strengthened with practice and learning.

  • Increase verbal and communication skills

Some preschooler board games are designed to help expand kids’ vocabulary and improve spelling skills. Also playing games can encourage kids to communicate with other players and that helps them to increase verbal skills. The board games provide a ‘social experiment’ where kids can learn about social skills, they learn to identify and regulate emotions and behavior, learn how to use the appropriate words to respond to other people.

  • Introduce the basic math concept

Not every board game requires math, but many of them provide kids a sense of numbers and introduce them geometry concepts like shapes, how to sorting, matching. And Studies suggest that preschool board games with particular features can boost math skills.

  • Develop fine motor skills

When kids pick up or move the pieces during the board games, they are developing basic skills like fine motor skills or hand-eye coordination, which is important for them.

  • Develop the ability to concentrate and focus

To reap the benefits of the board games, kids need to commit to the game without interruptions, which helps them to concentrate and focus.

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