5 Top farm animal toys for toddlers

Farm-related toys can magically delight children. Farm animal figurines as open-ended and timeless toys that have been used as toys for centuries. They boost child’s creativity and imagination, social interaction, and verbalization development, and research shows that they behave the best among other selected toys. Let’s see how your little one can learn from playing with animal toys and check out the top farm animal toys for toddlers, which will be a hit for any gift-giving occasion.

3 main benefits of playing with farm animal toys for toddlers

Toddlers can get know more about the common farm animals knowledge

  • recognize and identify common farm animals
  • know the sounds made by common farm animals
  • learn  what kinds of products we get from farm animals

Learning empathy

  • Toddlers can learn how to love and care about the creatures in our world by engaging in stories about farm animals.
  • Encourage pretend play which is important for a child’s development.

5 Top Choices

Learning Resources Farm Animal Counters

Learning Resources farm animal toys

The Learning Resources Farm Animal Counters will make a great addition to your little animal lovers collection.

It includes 6 different farm animals with detail looking: horse, pig, rooster, hen, cow goat, sheep, dog, ram, donkey. Each type of animal with 10 pieces, it is great for party favors or as an educational toy gift.

These friendly, adorable animals can not only provide lots of fun for the little one, but also help them practice their sorting, number, and counting skills.

The realistic animals are fun for imaginative play, encourage toddlers to create scenes using their animal friends, which can help their language development.

The animals in this set are the right size for small hands to hold. They can stand on their own, sizes are approximately 1-2 inches.

Recommend for toddlers ages 3+. All the animals are very sturdy, made from BPA free material. And it comes with a handy bucket for storage.

Though some parents complained about the small size of the animals, they are not small enough to cause choking hazards. Kids like to line them up and have a great time with it. With decent variety. decent quality for the price, many parents recommend Learning Resources Farm Animal Counters. Check Price Here.


  1. What is the approximate size of each of the animals?

-They are approximately 1-2 inches.

Why recommend Learning Resources Farm Animal Counters?

  • Good quality that can stand with rough play.
  • Realistic looking encourages pretend play.
  • Made from safe material.
  • Help toddlers get familiar with common farm animals.
  • 10 different animals can be sorted in so many ways. Help kids learning sorting, counting skills.

Melissa & Doug Sorting Barn

Melissa & Doug Take Along Sorting Barn set

This Melissa & Doug Sorting Barn will be a great gift for toddlers and preschoolers ages 2-4. It provides your little one with 2 toys in one.

The adorable wooden barn is also a fun puzzle toy. With 10 shaped holes can fit with the 10 wooden chunky animals. The barn roof can be easily flip up for kids to put the wooden pieces inside.

The barn features a handle that makes it easy for toddler carry around.

The chunky pieces include horse, pig, goat, sheep, chicken, dog, cow, tractor, and Farmer, are fit little hands. They are made of durable wood and are able to withstand for kid’s rough play.

Each puzzle piece can stand up, toddlers can use it for creative play, act out different scenes.

Why recommend Melissa & Doug Sorting Barn?

  • Super adorable and durable
  • With beautiful painted and bright color catch children attention
  • A great way to introduce toddler puzzle and farm animals
  • Perfect size for small hands
  • With farmer figure and various animals provides more fun
  • Promote toddler fine motor skills, matching and sorting, and creative play

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Plush Creations Plush Farm Animals Set

Plush Creations Plush Farm Animals for Toddlers

If you are looking for stuffed farm animal toys for your toddler, this set will certainly delight your little one.

The  Plush Animal Farm Set consists of  4 cute interactive animals:  a Plush Cow, Plush Horse, Plush Lamb, and a Plush Rooster. They are soft for children to hug or squeeze.

Each animal measures 5″ inches in height. They are able to make say its name and make real-life animal sounds, makes it a  great interactive education toy.

The plush barn is 7 x 9 inches, allow your child to store the animals inside when done playing. They are lightweight and easy for a toddler to carry.

Made from 100% safe material, with a soft-touch,  the Plush Creations Plush Farm Animals Set is an ideal gift for babies, toddlers. And sure providing them hours of fun.


Does the barn door open?

Yes, the front side does open with the velcro.

Does this require batteries?

They did not require batteries.

Why Recommend Plush Creations Plush Farm Animals Set?

  • Animals can make noise, teach toddler animal names and sounds.
  • Lightweight and convenient storage.
  • Good size for a toddler to hold and play with.
  • Can be washed with a damp cloth
  • Engage children in creative, pretend, and imaginative play.
  • Playing with stuffed animal toys can help boost children’s confidence, facilitate sensory recognition.

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LEGO DUPLO Town Farm Animals 10870 Building Blocks

LEGO DUPLO Town Farm Animals

This LEGO Town Farm Animals Set is the perfect gift for any little girl or boy who loves LEGO and farm animals.

This building blocks set consists of 16 pieces, including 4 farm animal figures: a chicken, calf, piglet, and cat.  Kids can assemble a chicken coop which size is over 3-inch high, 2-inch wide, and 2-inch deep.

This block set is designed for toddlers ages 2 and 5 years. It is simple for preschoolers to build which can inspire early construction skills and help to build confidence and develop hand-eye coordination.

Kids can create their own animal stories like feeding the animal, putting the chicken in its coop. They will learn about farm animals and how to take care of them.

Why Recommend LEGO DUPLO Town Farm Animals?

  • Fun for toddlers who love animals and legos.
  • Super cute and easy to manipulate for small hands.
  • Toddlers can learn through constructive, exploratory play.
  • The animals can be a fun addition to any Duplo playset.
  • Enhance toddler fine motor skills.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination.
  • Gives your child a sense of accomplishment and builds their self-confidence.

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Battat – Big Red Barn – Animal Farm Playset for Toddlers

animal farm playset for toddlers

This Battat Big Red Barn will be a big hit for toddlers. They will enjoy hours of farm-inspired imaginative play.

Parents like that the barn is big enough for kids to play with their siblings. It comes with 4 friendly animals:1 friendly horse, 1 cow, 1 sheep, 1 pig, and a farmer. Your kids can also add other animals for more creative play.

The barn’s doors can be opened and closed easily. Kids can place the animals inside or around the barn with no fuss. Your little one can learn to care for all the animal friends by pretending to feed them, care for them by washing their stables and help them go to bed at night. It is a great way to encourage them to love animals and care for others.

Made of BFA free and sturdy material, this animal farm playset is recommended for toddlers 18 months and up.

Many parents surprise at this playset size and quality, and their kids have a blast playing it. You can click here to see more comments.


What size of the barn?

Dimensions are 13.5 (L) x 9 (W) x 12 (H).

Do the animals make sounds?

No, they do not make sounds.

What size are these animals?

The animals in the Battat Big Red Barn measure approximately 4 X 5 X 8cm.

What material of this playset made from.

The Big Red Barn is made from a variety of PP, ABS, and phthalate-free PVC.

Why Recommend Battat – Big Red Barn – Animal Farm Playset?

  • The barn is foldable and portable. It is sturdy and the paint and details are of good quality.
  • It provides lots of fun for more than one child to play with at the same time
  • Boley farm animals are very cute and durable.
  • All doors of the barn are easy for small hands to open and close.
  • The barn is lightweight and the handle makes it easy to carry.
  • Kids really love it.

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