5 Safe Toys For Toddlers With Speech Delays

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When it comes to toddlers, development speech plays an essential part. But due to a few reasons, some children face speech delay issues. So if you want to solve this issue, then what could be better than buying toys for toddlers with speech delays? With the help of these toys, you can quickly improve your kid’s speech.

Nowadays, toys have become an essential part when it comes to teaching children. This is the reason most people prefer to buy those toys which are safe and can help with speech.

If your kids are also having speech delay issues, then don’t you worry because here are some safe toys for toddlers, which will help to improve speech delay problems. You can certainly use these toys and can recover your kid’s language issues.

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Now’s let’s discuss what these toys are and how they are helpful when it comes to speech delay issues in toddlers.  

  1. Lamaze Repeat Petey 

Toddlers spent most of the time with parents,  And for that, a parent can be the best Lamaze Repeat Peteyteacher. If your kid is having language issues, then Lamaze Repeat Petey can be the right choice for you.

This chatterbox bird helps to record your voice, and you can set it in repeat as well. But before you do that, make sure to check the settings so your kid can easily understand your words.

Furthermore, this bird engages the tactile senses of your kids and helps them to learn more. Not just that, it’s one of the safest toys that you can use today. Also, a soft velour body and multiple smoothness make it perfect for your toddler.


  1. Echo Mic For Kids 

This Magic Microphone can be the perfect Speech Therapy for your kid. If your kid is not able to speak well, then this magical Pink and yellow Echo Micmicrophone can help him. Furthermore, this device allows the toddler the free expression of speech and language.

You can use this device to encourage your kids with late speech. Moreover, the multiple color device makes it more attractive and easy to use. The sound of the microphone is not loud, which means it is safe for the toddler.

In addition to speech delays, it also helps with autism. This device is best for all the kids of various ages and can be the best treatment for speech delay. In case if you want to give interactive education to toddlers, then you can add this device to your list as well.

  1. Vtech Touch And Teach Word Book 

If you want your toddler to learn some amazing words, then Vtech touches and teaches word book is best for you. It responds Vtech Touch and teach word bookwhen the toddler touches the screen. In this way, your kid can learn words that he/she liked the most. Isn’t it amazing?

This teaches word book contains more than 100 words and ideas to make your toddler experience better. It includes two AAA batteries so that your little one can enjoy playing with it for a long time.

This device is designed for kids 18 months to 4 years. Also, this device is best for those kids who want to improve their educational skills.

  1. Leapfrog Count Smartphone

Are you worried that your kid is not speaking, right? Don’t be because this phone can help you to solve all the issues. Leapfrog Green color Leapfrog count smartphonecount smartphone is the best device that can help to improve speech, language, and much more.

Undoubtedly, on this device, you can explore more than 15 phone activities that can be very helpful for the toddler.

Also, it contains voicemails and sing-along songs that are best for your toddlers and help them to improve their vocabulary as well.

The device works in such a way that you can press any numbers, and it will show the animated scouts. It can also be the best way to improve learning skills. You can also create an imaginative play for your kids.

  1. The Speech Teacher’s Handbook

A book is the best way to improve language and speech. This is the reason the speech teacher’s handbook is the right choice for The Speech Teacher's Handbookyou. With the help of this book, you can efficiently train your kids to learn more words.

This book can be the best gift for the kids who have complexities of talking and listening. In addition to that, the book has different strategies that you can try to improve toddler’s language.

Moreover, if you are trying to get easy-use-guide that can help you with amazing ideas, then this book is right for you. Make sure you understand your kid’s issues before implementing the methods mentioned in the book.

Tips for Toddlers With Speech Delays

Speech delay or language delay has become an issue in 3-4 years old kids. This is the reason most of the parents are worried about how they can solve it.

Although consulting a doctor can help as well, but if you want to solve this issue on your own, then buying toys can be the right choice for you.

So, here are some tips that you should keep in mind while buying toys for toddlers with speech delays.

  • Make sure you buy open-ended toys. These toys are fully opened and don’t come with beginning, middle, or ending.
  • Don’t just focus on toys that help to learn ABCs and 123’s. You can replace them with other things as well to add creativity.
  • Use those toys that keep moving. According to different studies, language delay can be reduced if your kid notices various movements. In this way, he/she can learn more about things as well.
  • Use those toys that can be interactive and can make sounds. You can use Vtech Touch and teach word book because it comes with more than 100 words, 90 unique sounds and 15 melodies on 12 fully-colored and incredibly detailed touch sensitive pages.
  • Don’t buy those toys which are noisy, comes with dark colors, and are heavy.

Final verdict

Choosing the right toys for toddlers is the best thing that you can do for them. On the other hand, if the toddler has speech delay issues, then make sure to choose those toys which can help them in learning new words.

Improving their verbal communication is the best thing that you can do for them to reduce the language delays.

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  1. We have a friend who has a toddler with speech delay issues. We think your post will be very valuable in helping her address these issues. Definitely choosing the right toys can help. We like most especially The Speech Teachers Handbook.

  2. What a great topic for a unique issue with very young kids. I am sure there are many parents out there spending tons of money on doctors and maybe something as simple as this advice can help

  3. Wow! I never knew that there were educational toys that would help specifically with speech delays. This is quite an interesting read and something that I would like to incorporate as a future music therapist, especially the microphone.

  4. Speech delays are a fairly common problem, you’re definitely helping a lot of families out there writing this article, respect for that!

    Verbal communication is something we learn at a young age and never stop learning how to be better at it I found as we get older.

    Look forward to checking some more content our you’ve written, I really enjoyed this.

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    • Thanks Will.It is suggested that parents spend a lot of time communicating with when toddlers if they have speech dealys problem,but choosing the right toys can also help.

  5. Hello dear Lena,

    Indeed toys are critical when kids grow up and giving them the right kind of them according to their needs is a big deal. I really like the eco mic because it can actually help kids that haven’t developed their speech skills yet.

    Thank you for sharing this post!

    • Thanks Kate, yes toys are citical when kids grow up, that is also why i creater this website, to provide more info about the educational toys.


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